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Let's build a predictable client getting promotion to grow your business in 2 weeks!
Generate 3x more clients automatically & profitably In 90 Days.
Who is it for
  • Are you a dedicated online entrepreneur who LOVES what you are giving but struggles with selling predictably and on demand?
  • Are you busy running your business, with little time to spend on online marketing?
  • Or maybe you have mad sales skills, but just don't have the time to customize your marketing and sales yourself?
  • Have you ever tried to set up a marketing system yourself only to discover that getting it to look like you wanted is lot more complicated than it appeared? 
  • Maybe you've even hired a freelancer or agency in the past and the results were less than you 'd hoped for. 
  •  Do you want to automate your business and generate passive income while you work on more important things – like vacationing?
What if your 'client getting promotion' could be live and bringing you business before next weekend?
We build 'client getting online promotions' for growing and established online business owners. We will choose the BEST marketing campaign that fits your needs, we'll customize your campaign, install integrations, create and upload all of your content and set up your client getting promotion -  in 14 days or less!
Here's how it works
***The 14-day setup  applies for established businesses only***

Pre-setup Qualification
You fill in a short application so we can see whether you are a good fit to proceed to the next step right away or not. After you complete the application, you will receive an email from us in the next 24h, explaining the next step. 
Discovery - Foundations 
Chatting in person is the best way to ensure we have accounted for everything before we set up your client getting promotion. Therefore, we’ll discuss your promotion, the goals you have for it and assess your asset list. Together we will create a promotional calendar along with to-dos and deadlines. 
Based on your goals and asset list, we will sketch out each of the steps of your client getting promotion.
With you, we will create all the necessary content and other information we need to setup your client getting promotion. 
Client Getting Promotion Setup
Begin client getting promotion setup ( design, layout structure ) & upload content ( emails, pages, video slides etc ) 
Install content and configure tech integrations. Then, we’ll review what’s been accomplished so far, what we have left to do, and keep moving forward.
Continue content uploading and setup Facebook ads ( copy, products, ads ) and email & payment automations. 
Test & Delivery
We’ll do one final review and a walkthrough of how your funnel operates. Then we’ll test your brand new sales funnel BEFORE your launch. 
We did it. Time to par-tay! ;)
Support & Optimisation
Setting your client getting promotion up is one thing. Ensuring that you feel confident that everything works is our TOP priority. Therefore, we will be next to your side for 3 months, to help you optimize your promotion, create new ones if required, and help avoid any tech or marketing obstacle you might encounter with regards to your client getting promotion. 
Ready to get more qualified 
clients on demand?
What You Get
According to your business needs, we'll recommend the RIGHT client getting campaign, customize your chosen funnel template with your name or logo, design a custom color pack to match your brand and adjust pages' layout based on top converting case studies and successful competitors funnel layouts.  

For every marketing campaign, there is a different bunch of emails to use. Easy-to-implement templates we can use straight away to create intoxicating copy people can't help but take action on. 

Every profitable marketing campaign is based on giving value first and then asking for the sale. We will provide you with 4 lead magnet templates to use so you can attract your perfect clients while you position yourself as both different and expert. 

Our *strategic* Facebook ads process will help you create high-converting ads, own the newsfeed, build your list and make more money!

Setting up your marketing campaign is our main priority but we know well enough that you need extra help before/during/after your launch. Therefore, we offer unlimited page revisions, traffic and analytics advice, split testing suggestions and tech support. 
Steal all the successful ads and landing page templates we've used to build exposure for our businesses and get your campaign out there in a BIG way. Pitch templates included! 
Clickfunnels Account
In order for us to set up your new marketing campaign, you’ll need to have a clickfunnels account. If you don’t have an account yet, click here. 
Content, Products & Photos
We’ll leave it to you to provide ready-to-use raw content, product descriptions, links and photos that best represent your business. We’ll craft campaign's copy, get your approval and move new content into your funnel. 
* No structural changes to the autoresponder will be made. If you need additional structural changes to the autoresponder, we can do that for an additional fee.
So what do you need help with?
Client Stories
"SimpleRocks are really amazing at what they do. They put together an awesome optin campaign for me and guided me every step of the way. Its nice to know people who actually care about their clients success and think about all the details that are needed. SimpleRocks is one of those agencies!"
Richard Webb,
Founder of
Laurence Santer ,
Marketing Director at
"I've employed more than 20 contractors, I believe there are three types; there are those who simply do as you ask, essentially human robots, but if you don't know exactly what you want or how to articulate it you will be sorely disappointed and left out of pocket.
Then you have the second type who believe they have the ideal combination of technical and marketing knowledge, so when you ask for some support they think they know best but you are left with something that you don't fully believe in or it takes three times longer than necessary to get it to a point you're happy and you are left exhausted.

On rare occasions you find the third type; someone like Vaggelis (SimpleRocks co-founder) who is able to quickly look inside your business, asks intelligent questions and has the ability to deliver exactly what you need first time. He is then, more importantly able to use his experience to advise you on how to increase conversions, tweaks which would've taken lots of ad spend to have worked them out yourself.

I can't recommend Vaggelis more highly. In fact once you find a contractor like him you'll never want to let him go and you will dream up new projects in order to snowball your business as you are now confident you have worked out how to spend $1 on advertising and get back break-even or better."
Schedule Your 'Client Getting Promotion' Setup
Ready to get started? Great! We just need a little information about you and your campaign requirements to get the ball rolling. Got a question we haven't answered? Feel free to email us
About Us
As a small business, we share your hopes and fears of scaling a profitable business that can support those who depend on it. 

We believe in building profitable and customer-centric marketing experiences that help creators and ambitious online entrepreneurs to spread their message at a profit so they can focus more on what they love doing and make more money and impact. 

Schedule your 'Client Getting Promotion' and after you fill in the form, we’ll schedule a free Skype consultation where we can learn about your business and what a predictable flow of leads and sales would do for you.

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Vaggelis - Co Founder
Growth & Profit Strategist
Ioanna - Co Founder
Sales & Project Management Specialist
Creative & Tech Specialist
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