Abous Us

So you landed on our website. And obviously you wonder who we are!

Well, Simple Rocks is a company that operates not with a B2B or a B2C but with an H2H mentality. We do not work with a Business-to-Business or a Business-to-Client model but with a Human-to-Human model. 

We help people create a life that feels their own by helping them advance their business and working reality. 

Why this approach? Because if you think about it, the majority of us spend daily most of our waking hours working, being at the office or thinking about work. 

Thus, if we get to be happy, fulfilled and less stressed at those hours, then with the notion of a spill over effect we will be happier outside our work. We will be able to grow emotionally faster and genuinely live a life that feels ours. 

It does not matter if you are now starting or if you run a Small or a Medium Size company. We have the tools to help you:

  • create a clear strategy for you business
  • make changes and amends to your current business model
  • identify who your ideal customer is 
  • find out how to “speak” to your ideal customer
  • get you in front of your right customer with minimum cost
  • get clients on demand and automate the whole procedure
  • rely on your own strengths and grow organically and with little or no risk

We created Simple Rocks in order to help people like you! Yeah you reading this right now. People that do not want to just say they are founders or businessmen/businesswomen yet are found in stagnation. We want people with passion and love for what they do! 

We never work for clients. We only WORK WITH PARTNERS.